Toddler Girl 'Party Girl' Blue Mary Jane Shoes

Rs. 685.00


Cute and Versatlie, our 'Party Girl' shoe is not only chic Parisein but is also very comfortable.   Goes great on anything blue or white.

Velcro strap for easy wearing, floral rubber sole for better grip.

Size Guide:

2 years: Insole 13.20 cms / Outsole 14.20 cms
2.5 years: Insole 13.80 cms / Outsole 14.80 cms
3 years: Insole 14.60 cms / Outsole 15.60 cms
3.5 years: Insole 15.70 cms / Outsole 16.70 cms
4 years: Insole 16.30 cms / Outsole 17.30 cms


Size may vary from child to child, age mentioned is just suggested age.

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