Toddler Girl 'Petal Cut' Blue Mary Jane Shoes

Rs. 685.00


These super cool shoes will become your li'l angel's favorite in no time.    Goes great on a dress or with casuals.

Velcro strap for easy wearing, floral rubber sole for better grip.

Size Guide:

2 years: Insole 13.20 cms / Outsole 14.20 cms
2.5 years: Insole 13.80 cms / Outsole 14.80 cms
3 years: Insole 14.60 cms / Outsole 15.60 cms
3.5 years: Insole 15.70 cms / Outsole 16.70 cms
4 years: Insole 16.30 cms / Outsole 17.30 cms


Size may vary from child to child, age mentioned is just suggested age.

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